About Electric Vehicles


Autopilot. Information via smartphone, GPS location of the vehicle, state of charge. Modern touch screen, easy user interferance, excelent driving experience. 


Futuristic interior and exterior elements, minimalistic and simple. 

Economy of use

Kilometer from 0,25 CZK = fast repayment of the investment. Cheap renting due to fuel economy. Supercharger for Tesla for free. In Czech Republic other providors as well (ČEZ, PRE, E.ON) 


The most mdoern safety features, sensors, theft protection (GPS location of the vehicle), colision warning and much more. Tesla is rated on of the safest sedans in its category (BMW, Audi and Mercedes). 


For someone very important, for someone not so much. It is as green as the energy you provide to the vehicle.

Much more

Parking in Prague in the blue zone (Prague 1, 2 and more). Governmental support for the businesses. Ever growing network of charging stations. Community of Tesla owners, or EV owners. 

We will help you

Everything regarding charging, how to and where to charge in Czech Republic or at your european trip. What types of electric vehicles there are, what models and more. If you are a business in Czech Republic, We will help you with governmental support. 

We are available every working day, or by individual agreement. Come meet us, we are looking forward.